Thank you for the wonderful event you so thoughtfully planned, I am lighter in my step this morning! Such a wonderful service you provided to all who attended. Still taking it all in.
— Kim, May 2018

I attended BOCO and I had an amazing experience. The staff are very responsible, organized, friendly and welcoming. I learned so much about health and made A LOT of connections with people I now call my friends! 111% recommend!
— Ari, May + October 2018

When I first heard about Bliss Out Camp Out and what they were promising the weekend to be I was somewhat skeptical. I asked what they would try and sell me or if it could truly be what they were promising. I can genuinely say that the weekend was more than I even knew that I needed. I have never felt more a peace with nature and myself. The experiences opened my eyes to new hobbies and helped me to see the beauty in simple. Unplugging from my norm helped me to explore being a woman, health and new ways of treating myself. I am thankful to the organizers for the opportunity. Their flawless execution of every detail was the cherry on top. I recommend this weekend to everyone I meet, it will not disappoint.
— Tiffany, May + October 2018