Making Self-Care Affordable for All

This week we had the opportunity to chat with Sita White, co-owner of Hillcrest Community Acupuncture Clinic. Committed to making acupuncture more affordable and accessible to those who need it, HCAC offers high quality treatments in a communal setting. Sita holds a Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine, focusing on Women’s Health, Fertility, Community Clinics, and Senior Care.

Sita White

Where do you call home?
Beautiful Point Loma, San Diego

What was the first job you felt excited about?
Besides getting paid a couple of dollars to help groom my grandmother’s horses (that was very exciting for a 7 year old me), the first job I was excited about was working as an assistant to a literary agent in NYC.

What lead you to Chinese medicine to begin with, and then the decision to operate a community acupuncture clinic?
My heart led me to Chinese medicine, along with all the other excellent decisions that have come to pass in my life.  I was working as a massage therapist and wanted to take my passion for healing arts to another level and I felt acupuncture and Chinese medicine would fit that goal. I also happened to be dating a very handsome acupuncture student at the time, so I really was FOLLOWING MY HEART in more ways than one.  Having a community acupuncture clinic lined up with all of my beliefs about work: 1. do what you love 2. help others 3. spread the awareness that all is possible with love and kindness

We’re always told how great it is to pursue your passion, but we all know it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Overall things have been easy, yes! If I think about some of the obstacles many people face in the world today I feel very fortunate and grateful. I have been, and continue to be, surrounded by amazing people in my life who all help me live my dreams. I also have a deep faith in Love that has helped guide me through all the twists and turns.

What would you like to see yourself doing in 5 years?
Laying in a hammock next to Oscar (my husband) in Bali after a long day of swimming in the ocean!

Chrissy Gray